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How do I contact Saint Theresa Nurselink, Inc.?

Our clients can contact us through this number: 301-459-0199.

How much will it cost me if I avail of your services?

If the person that we are going to take care of has an insurance policy, then the cost will most likely be less than when you have none. However, the cost will also vary according to the service you require and the length of time you need our service.

Is it possible to ask for more than one caregiver?

Yes. We will assess the case. If we deem that the case cannot be handled by one person, we allow two professionals to care for you.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Yes, we do. Use your Medicaid or insurance coverage to lessen the medical expenses that you will pay out of your pocket.

What is the longest time I can avail of your services?

As long as our services are needed, we will be happy to serve you.

Do you accept Private Paid Patients?


Do you do Companionship?